02 junio, 2014

Michael Rulhman has a new cookbook that will change the way you cook the eggs. A Culinary Exploration of the World’s Most Versatile Ingredient is a guide of the most familiar egg dishes cooked with the lastest egg techniques.


(…)According to Michael Rulhman “In the kitchen, the egg is neither ingredient nor finished dish, but rather a singularity with 1,000 ends. By working our way through the egg, we become powerful cooks. “He also says we don’t treat our eggs very well, as it’s one of the most overcooked dishes in America and we kill them with heat. He considers it’s a lack of knowledge of the eggs”.

Learn more about eggs on this link.

The world of cooking has evolved with new techniques that allow us to cook traditional ingredients with very original and tasty new results. Learn this and more in Creative Signatures.




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